About Roger Jones and his paintings..

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Roger has always lived in Midsomer Norton, which used to be a thriving coal mining community, in fact both his father and his grandfather were local miners Many of his paintings include old views of his hometown and also a set of four old Somersetshire Coal Canal scenes.

He is a happily married man to wife Geraldine and they have four children and twelve grandchildren.

One of his greatest assets is the fact that he is very versatile and loves to paint many varied scenes as the mood takes him. Although his first love is painting land and seascapes he has painted many portraits including Mohammed Ali and Mike Tyson – both of these pictures also include many other past great heavyweights.

His instinctive passion for olde-world scenes is captured in his paintings and demonstrates years of personal observations which is probably why so many people purchase his pictures, with many sales coming from overseas. Roger’s prints are fast becoming sought after in the Collectors Market.
He has, over the years, held many private and public exhibitions to show his work including exhibiting at the Royal Bath and West Show.

Because of his love of painting historical pictures he has been, by invitation, on BBC Radio Bristol on two occasions to chat about his most popular pictures ” The Maiden Voyage of the Britannia 1896″.

This magnificent large 4′ by 2′ painting that was valued by a member of the Fine Arts guild at £20000, shows this fine Campbell’s paddle steamer just passing under Brunel’s famous Clifton Suspension Bridge with trains running either side of the gorge. Roger is reluctant to sell this painting even though he has had many offers, he hopes to leave it as a legacy for his grandchildren. Some of his wildlife paintings have been published on the front cover of a world-wide Deer Stalking Magazine. This set of four paintings were entitled “Seasons of the Roe Deer” and are available as small limited edition prints.

Roger publishes his own prints of his paintings; he now has over 80 different limited editions to choose from.

All of his work is on show at his home Studio in Midsomer Norton where he paints almost every day.

Many of his works have been commissioned by people from all over England, especially his snow scenes as they seem to capture the very mood of winter which many other artists seem to struggle with.

Nearly all of the artist’s work has now been produced into art card form, with text about the original painting printed on the reverse.