Passing Radstock Station Sept 1966
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Painting Description

THE LAST PINES EXPRESS! “The Pines Express Passing Radstock Station 1962”
With my memories, research and much help from many friends, including: Simon @ Rocky Mountain Nursery for allowing me to view his models of S&D train carriages etc. and use them for reference in this painting. I have depicted “the Pines Express” being hauled by ‘9F” 92220 Evening Star This powerful steam locomotive was built in Swindon railway works in 1960 and was the last one to be built by British Railways Standard range. Records say on 8th Sept 1962 “Evening Star” hauled the last Pines Express on the S&D line.
I decided to also include in the painting, a few cars that were popular in the sixties: To the left of the picture in what was the old Bakery car park, is an old Ford Anglia & Cortina. To the right behind the fence you can just see a Mk 2 Jaguar (all lads back then wanted one of these! But few could afford it). In front of them are two Teddy Boys who have maybe just come from the coffee bar that was in Waterloo Rd.
On the platform I included kids train spotting, and also some racing the train. along with various other people who maybe wanted to see the Pines for the last time! or were just enjoying the summer sunshine!