Old Somersetshire Coal Canal
Memories of the past
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Painting Description


Roger felt it was appropriate to include this view of Trucking Mill in his series of canal paintings, as this is where William
Smith lived. (His cottage is towards the back of the painting) William Smith helped John Rennie, who designed the Dundas Aqueduct, survey the levels for the proposed coal canal. He later became a surveyor and sub-engineer for the canal company.
During his life he became famous for his geological observations throughout England and Wales, for these he became known as ‘The Father of English Geology.
There is a stone memorial for him at Tucking Mill, but for some unknown reason it was placed on the wrong cottage!
Roger included two horses in this painting, but normally only one was used to pull the barges. Occasionally outside contractors supplied horses and perhaps on this occasion two were being taken back together in order to collect an extra barge at Timsbury Basin.
Unfortunately the old mill to the left of the painting is long gone with only the adjacent cottage remaining.